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PrintNow helps print and packaging providers accelerate operations with core integrations and apps. Print Automate will streamline your workflow from the PrintNow platform to automated print-ready production.

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PrintNow is a web-to-print platform and integrator that deliver our customers’ best-in-class applications. All of the solutions in our partner network have been entirely researched and tested. We can confidently recommend the best solutions to meet customer needs. Our experience and relationships with vendors and service providers save you time, eliminate mistakes, and help you be successful. 

Enfocus Switch app

The PrintNow: Enfocus Switch app brings print workflow automation to you by connecting PrintNow to your custom pre-press workflows. A highly automated and cost-effective workflow can take orders directly…

HP Site Flow integration

Our latest PrintNow integration with HP Site Flow will automate the orders from any Print Store to pre-press and post-press. If you require reliability and efficiencies of world-class automation, then this solution…

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Automation, in general, refers to using technology to perform tasks typically done by humans. Specifically, in our case, print workflow automation refers to automating workflows and processes within a printing company.

  1. Connecting your web to print system with your production
  2. Fully automated online PDF pre-flight of all files and reporting
  3. Automated proofing and approval processes
  4. Integrated imposition for press-ready printing
  5. Complete line-of-site of order status and activity
  6. Automate the flow of information between any system
  7. Marketing tools can be used to automate some customer interactions

There are numerous reasons to invest in print automation as:

  • Better customer experience
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Greater process efficiency
  • Fewer employee errors
  • Cost savings

Naturally, print workflow automation’s actual benefits depend on the circumstances – what process is being automated, which automation platform is being used, and so forth.

While there are not necessarily any universal downsides to automation, there are considerations to be aware of.

For instance:

  • Automating tasks that shouldn’t be automated, can have a detrimental impact on that process
  • Overusing automation, such as over-automating customer service interactions, can result in oversights, errors, or a bad customer experience.
  • Automation cannot think or make human judgments, so if it is applied inappropriately, it can have the opposite of the intended impact.

Fortunately, issues such as these can be avoided with proper foresight and planning.

As mentioned above, certain types of tasks shouldn’t be automated, such as those that require:

  • Human-to-human interaction
  • Empathy
  • Human judgment
  • Strategic decision-making

Automation, likewise, isn’t suitable for certain types of activities, such as those that involve creativity or collaboration.

The choice of software will depend on your needs. Both of our top partners in print workflow automation, after all, include multiple functions and features and are highly utilized and proven solutions.

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