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Web-to-Print can be used for both B2C and B2B, and while it can work in simpler ways for both, it can also meet the specific needs depending on what you are looking for. With Web-to-Print, you’ll be able to give your customers access to the best products through your own customized site that aligns with your brand. You can showcase your products online in a well-designed space.

Whether it’s a B2B or a B2C store, Web-to-Print is a great way to market and organize your inventory so that your customers have a great experience, leading to better client relationships and more return business overall.

W2P benefits for Retail and B2B


Simple Ordering Process – Customers are able to place orders online with automatic quotes and can pay instantly, relieving any hassle of having to go through multiple people when trying to process an order. Web-to-Print also allows for customers to access and order from their mobile devices, making it even more convenient for them.

Total Control –  Not only do you have the freedom to customize your Web-to-Print site, you also have the ability to control the access that clients have to the site. This is a great way to organize your customers within the parameters that you have set for them while also being able to offer them specific deals and offers on products that are meant for them.

Easy to Grow – Grow your customer base with various marketing tools, data reports,  coupons, and flexible search capabilities. You’ll be able to reach more customers and offer an easier way of doing business.

Saves Time and Money – Everything is fast loading and done automatically, meaning less people on your end need to be involved, saving time and money for but also your customer. With Web-to-Print, there is less of a chance that a customer will need reprints due to small errors, allowing them to get their work done efficiently and cost effectively as well.


Easy to Manage – With Web-to-Print, you are able to manage your corporate accounts, users, stores, payments, and products. You can customize every aspect of your site to fit your needs and the needs of your clients. You are able to control and edit things like discounts, invoices, and editing tools, allowing for your clients to have a personalized experience.

Organized Setups – You can have individual storefronts setup for each client with their logo and designs, helping you manage any specific factors like fonts, addresses, and images. It’s a great way to stay organized and focused on each client’s needs without the stress of needing to keep track of those small details yourself.

Easy to Use – This applies to both you and your clients. For a customer/corporation viewpoint, editing products, placing an order/reordering past products is an easy process. The backend format is easy to navigate, you are able to view reports on the dashboard and, with automation, you are able to set any payment information ahead of time.

12 Benefits of Web-to-Print Software

12 Benefits of Web-to-Print Software

Web-to-Print has so many benefits it can be hard to keep track, so we took 12 of the best and…

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