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As businesses turn digital and online shopping continues to grow, there are a lot of benefits to Web-to-Print packaging (also known as web-to-pack). Presentation within packaging plays a huge role in online shopping nowadays, meaning that the industry for custom packaging is growing within the business world.

Companies want to be able to provide a detailed experience for their customers, causing Web-to-Print packaging solutions to become a more relevant way of working while opening the packaging market to new ways of doing business.

W2P benefits for Print Packaging Providers

Open Source CAD  – Create reusable, parametric standards using simple drafting tools on a open source platform designed for eCommerce print packaging providers.  

Customization – Convenient customization for all of the customers print packaging needs. They can create packaging that fits with their business’ style and help their packaging stand out from the rest.

3D Preview – When the packaging is finished, the customer can view their work in a 360 degree rotation view. They are able to watch it fold and unfold to get a feel for what their packaging would look like in real life before placing their order. A great way to ensure the customer is pleased with their purchase before it even arrives.

Easy to use – Customers will be able to easily navigate the system and create great designs for their packaging. They will have plenty of design options to choose from with a range of colors and easy to use editing tools.

Time saving – Customers are able to create their packaging in a time frame that suits their schedule best. With design tools that are time efficient for both you and them, you both will cut costs on development.

Increase in sales – Print packaging is a growing industry as online shopping continues to skyrocket. With an easier way to produce products, you are able to expand your range of clients with both small businesses and large corporations. You are able to cater to more people without having to increase your staff.

Overall benefits – Print packaging has a lot of convenient benefits for your customers but for your business as well. With full access to PrintNow’s Unified Admin, you are able to work from anywhere. Being able to manage the entire online ordering process electronically and with automation, you can take a few steps back and let your customers work on their own time.

The What, Where, and Why of Custom Packaging
We’ve talked about the general idea of custom packaging and the range of products used. But we wanted to go more in depth with where to begin in starting a custom packaging business or adding it to an already existing print business.

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