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Multiple Print Stores all-in-one unified platform

PrintNow’s multi-store eCommerce platform lets you quickly build one or multi-brand websites using a single shared database.

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Expand Your Offerings, Attract New Customers And Increase Revenue Potential

Supposing you have a single store and are looking to grow. In that case, whether that suggests introducing new products and brands or advancing into new locations, you will presumably come across the idea of multi-store e-commerce.
Multi-store e-commerce is a platform to launch multiple web stores or store views to grow nationally and internationally, separate brands, or venture in a niche, multi-segment targeting. It can change a business by providing a centralized database for all your e-commerce details, branding, and marketing methods.

Why Multi-Store E-commerce?

For any company interested in long-term growth, the moment will arrive when you maintain multiple storefronts. This is a potentially overwhelming step, with the intricacies of store management, branding, and diverse marketing strategies.
Using a multi-store e-commerce platform, you can benefit from a system that facilitates many of the complexities above. With all the data you require in a single database of information, you can provide your brand with better visibility, traffic, SEO, and, ultimately, conversions.

Multi-Store E-commerce Business and Customer Benefits

The benefits of a multi-storefront e-commerce software platform is nearly immediate and can benefit your customers and your business. Some of the e-commerce features include:

Create storefronts for brands.

For bigger companies that manage multiple brands, a multi-site strategy can allow them to create separate stores around each individual brand — all through a single platform.

By doing so, they are able to leverage the individual successes and recognition tied to each brand while using a backend that is easily accessible and integrated.

Run niche e-commerce websites.

Through niche marketing, store owners can target unique markets that reside in a particular location, have a specific demographic, or display an individual preference for the customer experience.
Instead of reprioritizing your entire store or brand to match, companies can add another storefront — easing the path and adding opportunity without extraneous costs.

Maintain all stores from a central database.

Perhaps the primary benefit of multi-storefront e-commerce is that it involves centralizing all of your stores from a single source.
Instead of having to oversee or handle all of your storefronts from separate, disparate solutions, through centralization, you can make changes, updates, and add content to any of your stores without any integration hassles.

Manage multiple business models.

Businesses that operate multiple business models — whether B2B e-commerce or otherwise — typically have to manage different online stores for each client under a single admin, potentially leading to issues with integration or differences in pricing, availability, and customer support.
With multi-storefront e-commerce, companies can integrate multiple, often quite different, business models through a single platform.

White label websites.

For businesses that participate in white labeling, a multiple storefront approach could be an easy fit.
Through this setup, manufacturers and distributors can use multiple stores to promote products under different names or labels.

Set unique pricing.

Setting unique pricing is another benefit of multi-store e-commerce sites that cater to businesses operating multiple business models.
Depending on the customer type, businesses can implement different pricing, payment gateway, and unique inventory on each sub-store that they provide — all through a single solution.

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Yes, Print Store supports User Admin Roles for both your staff admins & customers that can restrict roles down to the Storefront and pages in the store they have access to. 

PrintNow licenses both root domains primarly used for B2C and subdomains used for B2B. You can find out how many come with each plan reviewing the pricing page on PrintNow or talking to a member of our sales team on our contact us page.

Yes, PrintNow developed a Store Clone application built into our Domain tools that allows you to clone the entire site to another destination or choose the parts you want to clone to help deploy fast and efficiently. 

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