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Private portals to match the needs of your clients

Grow your wholesale business on PrintNow with tools optimized for web-to-print customization and scalability for all your buyers.

From wholesale B2B to direct-to-consumer, leading brands trust PrintNow with all their business

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B2B ecommerce with PrintNow's flexible platform

Sell wholesale from one Unified Admin. Use our Print Store product or connect PrintNow’s Print Editor to 3rd party ecommerce platforms.


Designed for B2B customization & buying

Tailor the user experience for each buyer with unique product collections with smart templates, reliable 3-step checkout, online proof approval, and more.

Our B2B platform tools were limited and not able to meet our needs. To scale, we required a manageable way to service our B2B customers. That's where the PrintNow platform came in.

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Built-in features for your business customers

Group profiles

Characterize multiple buyers and locations with unique payment terms and user permissions.

Buyer-specific product publishing

Offer a unique buying experience with product collections set to specific buyers via user groups.

Branded B2B store

Create a personalized buying experience for each customer with responsive store themes, email templates, and branding.

Simple & advanced customization

PrintNow's Print Editor supports B2B and B2C templates with the ultimate features and configurations.

Apps & Automations

Use partner apps and unite automated order submission, prepress, and shop floor management capabilities.

Product & options

Create conditional rules for products and options, including minimums and maximums, order options, and inventory.

Price lists

Set customer-specific prices and assign them to the Print Store profile without using apps or plug-ins.

Net payment terms

Automatically assign payment terms while tracking and collecting order data for workflow automation.

Company metafields

Optimize your order process by adding custom data checkout fields to company user groups.

Easy reordering

Boost recurring sales by making it simple for customers to reorder repeatedly.

Flexibility getting paid

Streamline the order process with merchant accounts, invoices, and due-on-fulfillment terms POs.

Order approvals

Simplify workflows with the ability to review proofs and approve orders in the front-end or admin tools.

Do it yourself, purchasing

Scale your operations with hands-off purchasing and order tracking for easy account management.

Global growth

Reach wholesale customers worldwide with localized storefronts, currencies, and tax exemptions.

Custom B2B solutions

Build the solution your business needs with our Enterprise APIs and compatible apps.


Launch fast and integrate with your systems

With PrintNow’s flexible integrations, open APIs, and automated order processing consume less time operating multiple platforms.

Frequently asked questions, answered.

The best of PrintNow is also usable for wholesale. B2B on PrintNow is a suite of features designed right in the PrintNow admin. That allows access to advanced customization for themes, pricing, and checkout as part of your PrintNow plan.

With PrintNow’s B2B features, you have the choice of having a single online store for both B2C and wholesale with B2B checkout, or a separate B2B store to keep your operations organized. Either way, your customers can enjoy personalized pricing, payment terms, tax exemptions, and more. These features are easy to manage with your PrintNow admin and don’t require any complex workarounds or coding. You can handle customer-specific pricing, payment terms, tax exemptions, and more, all within your PrintNow admin.

Everything you need to run your wholesale business on PrintNow. The first five features are the most essential for your B2B business from day one:

  1. User Group Segmentation: Create User Groups for access to specific items within a catalog, custom themes, special pricing, specific payment options, and more.
  2. Product Collections: Product collections allow your product catalog to change dynamically as your organizations or user groups change within each Print Store.
  3. Custom Site Themes: Integrate any standard html theme or build a custom theme. Use popular HTML, CSS, and JS frameworks for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
  4. Reliable 3-Step Checkout: Get more conversions with a proven checkout that features the latest usability standards for eCommerce, featuring a simple and optimized design for desktop, tablet, and phone.
  5. HTML5 Print Editor: PrintNow’s Print Editor is an world class online template solution that can launched within the product browser or instant price calculators for B2B and B2C deployments.

You can also take advantage of PrintNow APIs for Enterprise level connections to 3rd party solutions.

B2B on PrintNow is the next step in PrintNow investment in B2B ecommerce. More ongoing core and complex wholesale features will be released in 2024 and beyond.

Absolutely, integrations all the way. You can also connect your MIS/ERP through PrintNow APIs.

All plans include B2B Print Stores but if your on Growth or above plans, all B2B features on PrintNow is included at no extra cost.

Wholesale commerce designed for scale
—and ultimate customization