W2P ROI Visualizer™

From the moment someone lands on your site until they complete a purchase, that user moves through multiple steps.  Your site’s purchase path is represented by several key conversion metrics. Minor improvements in any of these will keep users moving to the next step of the purchase path and lead to a significant increase in revenue and ROI.

See for yourself…

Enter your website’s current metric values in the calculator below. Use the arrows to increase/decrease the values.

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Step 3:

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Projected Monthly Gross Revenue

$ 8,546.58

Increase Monthly Gross Revenue

$ 7,834.37

Projected Yearly Gross Revenue

$ 102,558.96

Increase Yearly Gross Revenue

$ 94,012.38

Revenue Forecast

NameCurrentProjectedIncreaseIncrease %
Monthly Gross Revenue$ 712.22$ 8,546.58$ 7,834.37 1100%
Yearly Gross Revenue$ 8,546.58$ 102,558.96$ 94,012.38 1100%
Monthly Gross Profit$ 356.11$ 3,273.29$ 2,917.18 819%
Yearly Gross Profit$ 4,273.29$ 39,279.48$ 35,006.19 819%

Rate of Return

Actual Increase In Monthly Revenue

$( 2,917)

Required Increase In Monthly Revenue

$ 1,833

Months to Breakeven