HTML5 Print Editor

All-in-One HTML5 Web to Print Editor

Flexible Online Print Editor to serve both B2C and B2B target markets. Highly customized and user-friendly for you and your customers.

html5 web to print editor

Flexible template platform for
online print product collections

A complete turn-key online print template solution built in HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS and designed for desktops & leading touch screen devices, tablets and phones including Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Your customers will have access to easily place orders 24/7 with a highly configurable tool set.

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Online Print Editor Based on Google Material

Beautiful interface based on Google Material Standards

PrintNow’s Online Editor technology is built on standards based on HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS.

Simple Mode

Simple mode allows the user to modify predefined autofill profiles, text, image fields and hides all the direct advanced tool sets.

Advanced Editor

This is the best choice in B2C product templates and gives the admin user the most amount of advanced controls and options to work with.

File Uploads

Support for vector and rasterized image file types with a wide range of options for you and your end users when working with products.

Realistic 2D & 3D live Proof Modes that help to grow online sales

PrintNow can be configured with 4 proof mode types that make the Print Editor highly interactive and accurate when previewing what the final product will look like when printed.

Web-to-Print proof modes

Saved User Projects

Print-ready uploads or saved Print Editor templates become projects that can be open or shared before approval and finalizing order.

Text Controls

Using the Text Controls in PrintNow, your users can modify text in creative and unique ways to allow or restrict functionality.

Image Controls

Image controls like text controls expose a wide range of configurable options, tools, rules, & effects that improve the entire experience.

web-to-print templates

Easy Template Setup to hit the ground running and crush your goals

You can create templates for use in the PrintNow platform with ease. Make your product templates in Adobe InDesign and import IDML files, or create them manually in the Print Editor Admin with full support of common file formats.

Product Loader

This feature eliminates the need to leave the HTML5 print editor on occasions when the user is interested in browsing other products.

Rulers & Guides

Rules, guides, & alignment tools working together provide precise control over design and layout to improve accuracy on template orders.

Help Guide

The built in help guide allows admin users to expose a help page within the Print Editor for easy access to text, images, & images.

Interactive Seamless Patterns that can add WOW to any product

Seamless patterns help you to create valuable design options for your customers, deepen the engagement with your online print solution and therefore increase your sales.

web to print software patterns

Element Libraries

Clip art element libraries can be uploaded to Storefront sharred albums or assigned to specific templates created in PrintNow.

Layout Libraries

Layouts allow you as the admin to assign swappable designs under each unique template without creating it as a separate product.

Image Libraries

User specific or shared, Free or premium stock libraries, as well as Filestack all help you and your customers access valuable content.

web-to-print online editor proof

Proof Link Share to help customers convert live projects to real orders

Projects in PrintNow can be created by anyone like end users, CSRs, Designers, etc. to finalize the artwork and share the project for approval & online payment.

Custom Size Controls

Custom Size controls allows width and height parameters to be changed dynamically when common size selections aren’t enough.

Multi Page Support

Multi Page supports goes beyond front & back products and provides the ability to produce items such as calendars & books with ease.

Layer Properties

The layer options of each text and image placeholder on a given page are accessed using the layer tools to control positioning & layering.

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