PrintNow Administration

PrintNow’s team can tackle your technical project and ensure you have the absolute best implementation possible. Store development is managed using PrintNow’s Unified Admin tools.

PrintNow Administration Overview

Unified Admin at your command

The Unified Admin tools are at your command, but we use them also on some projects that we deliver launch-ready upfront for our customers. The platform offers a way to configure everything on your own, but here are some of the main items commonly worked on a Print Store project:

Getting Started

  • Create your staff accounts
  • Set up the general default settings of your initial Print Store
  • Connect system mail account for sending email notifications
  • Customize your order status types and map email templates
  • Configure your shipping methods & live rates calculations
  • Input merchant credentials for credit card transactions
  • Import manual tax rates or configure partner integration
  • Map your custom domains and SSL certificates
  • Consider 3rd party partner integrations

Product Development

  • Creating and managing categories to match your site-map
  • Creating and managing different product types
  • Optional attribute sets for product filtering
  • Optional category and product tags for search and display
  • Configuring pricing for all used products types
  • Configure shipping methods

Content Management

  • Adding content to category pages
  • Adding content to product pages
  • Adding content to information pages
  • Adding content to Print Store included pages
  • Adding content to Tag pages
  • Adding content to extended content placeholders
  • Adding content to HTML Snippets
  • Adding content to blog pages
  • Adding content to email notifications 

Key Details

Price: TBD
Setting: Remote
Duration: TBD
PrintNow Administration

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Hourly rates range from $125 to $250 per hour, depending on the experience level of the developer/consultant and if it’s standard front-end development or requires back-end development that affects the core PrintNow code base.

The short answer is we offer both, but generally, customers are more comfortable with a per-project flat rate. Overall, the pricing structure you choose depends greatly on many variables and comes down to what makes the most sense for you.

Charging per hour

Charging an hourly rate is a better option in some scenarios. If the scope of work isn’t clear from the outset, we may recommend this approach. Or we may offer a service to properly define project details to help it move to a per-project flat-rate option. Per-hour pricing also works well for maintenance updates or long-term ongoing projects.

Charging a per-project flat rate

Charging a flat rate makes the most sense when the client brief is clear and structured, and we can predict how much work the project will entail. Some clients are more hesitant to agree to a flat rate. Presenting one flat rate before any work is done can make some clients nervous or cause sticker shock, prompting them to go elsewhere.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and submit the online form after clicking on the “Request more information” button. A technical consultant will contact you to schedule a meeting with a broad understanding of all development services to investigate further.

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