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Do you need help getting started with a custom theme? We can integrate any HTML Bootstrap 4 theme. At that point, you can add your own content, and it will take on the theme styles without a lot of extra coding.

Theme Integration Overview

Benefits of using web design templates with Theme Integration services

Nowadays, most designers use web design templates for their work. PrintNow uses HTML templates with Bootstrap, and you can search popular site themes on sites like to purchase your favorite design without starting from scratch. Though they might require some customization to meet your needs, web design templates offer numerous advantages.

10 benefits to using HTML templates:

  • SAVE MONEY: This is one of the main benefits of using a website template. US$100 or less is enough for purchasing an excellent template for designing your Print Store. In addition, you will find multiple free HTML templates on the internet, but you get more in pro versions. Since these templates are easy to manage, you can also save on monthly webmaster fees by updating the website yourself. 
  • SAVE TIME: Creating a website from scratch can be a long and costly experience. This is due mainly to the amount of time required to write code. However, HTML web design templates can save you lots of precious time since they are already coded by a professional. You need to find a template with most of the design elements you need on your site, thus reducing the customization work required.
  • SUPPORT:  If you have any problems with your template, you can request support from your template provider. This could be in the form of tutorials, telephone support, forums, live chat, or, more than likely, support ticket systems. In addition, there are some providers who, for an extra fee, offer direct assistance through custom help services. 
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS: Whenever you depend on a developer to publish your content, it might take longer than necessary. However, since web design templates are not very technical, they enable you to manage your site easily. You can publish your content anytime you want without any delay.
  • PROPER CODING: Reputable template providers usually are on the cutting edge as far as coding practices are concerned. A well-coded web design template enables you to build a professional website quickly and easily, even if you have little or no technical knowledge. As a result, you don’t have to hire an experienced web developer to do the work on your behalf.
  • SEO OPTIMIZED: Optimizing a website for search engines is essential for attracting traffic and enhancing its ranking. However, many people don’t know how to optimize their sites. The good news is that many web design templates nowadays come with built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features. This will enable you to optimize your site from the onset, thus eliminating the need to hire an SEO expert’s services.
  • CONTENT: The Content Management System (CMS) platform in PrintNow makes it possible to add content easily. Even if you have no coding knowledge, you can publish pages using familiar tools & copy and paste sections and elements from your theme templates files or Bootstrap website examples. 
  • TEST: Allow users to interact with initial prototypes, observe those interactions, and collect feedback around features, usability, and general feelings. 
  • ITERATE: Use previous test results to revise prototypes, review speculations, and brainstorm additional features that could solve friction issues and improve user satisfaction. 
  • DELIVER: Transfer the final prototype version with usability testing reports, site maps, personas, wireframes, and flowcharts to the User Interface (UI) designer.

Theme Integration | Recap:

  • Nowadays, most designers use web design templates for their work.
  • There are main benefits of using a website template.
  • PrintNow uses HTML templates with Bootstrap.
  • You can search popular site themes on sites like to purchase your favorite design.
  • This service will help you with the raw integration, and it will be up and running in 8 hours.
  • Continued development is required using the Content Management System (CMS) platform in PrintNow or other master pages.  

Key Details

Price: TBD
Setting: Remote
Duration: TBD
Theme Integration

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Hourly rates range from $125 to $250 per hour, depending on the experience level of the developer/consultant and if it’s standard front-end development or requires back-end development that affects the core PrintNow code base.

The short answer is we offer both, but generally, customers are more comfortable with a per-project flat rate. Overall, the pricing structure you choose depends greatly on many variables and comes down to what makes the most sense for you.

Charging per hour

Charging an hourly rate is a better option in some scenarios. If the scope of work isn’t clear from the outset, we may recommend this approach. Or we may offer a service to properly define project details to help it move to a per-project flat-rate option. Per-hour pricing also works well for maintenance updates or long-term ongoing projects.

Charging a per-project flat rate

Charging a flat rate makes the most sense when the client brief is clear and structured, and we can predict how much work the project will entail. Some clients are more hesitant to agree to a flat rate. Presenting one flat rate before any work is done can make some clients nervous or cause sticker shock, prompting them to go elsewhere.

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