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Have you received a package in the mail and thought, ‘this looks wonderful!’ We’re here to tell you all about product packaging and how you can customize it to market your business for you!

The eCommerce market has changed a lot over the years, and with the lingering pandemic, the demand for product packaging continues to grow and evolve. The market value is expected to reach $61.55 billion by 2025, meaning the need for enhanced creative customer packaging will only get bigger. 

Packaging is a great marketing opportunity for eCommerce businesses because shipping and fulfillment create a direct connection with the customer. Sure, packaging is meant to keep the product safe, but why can’t you have some fun and create an experience for your customers?

What is eCommerce packaging?

eCommerce packaging often refers to packaging that is used to ship your products directly to your customers. It doesn’t sound very exciting and, in the past, there wasn’t much thought behind it because it was about function and protection. But as online business grows and people choose to shop from home, there is a missed opportunity when not creating a brand product packaging experience. 

Customers will react well to the attention to detail in the selection of packaging materials used. You are bringing a piece of your company to their home, so you want to make a great, lasting impression that your customers will hold on to. 

Importance of eCommerce packaging

While online shopping is more convenient, you lose all personal connections with the customer. That separation can make it hard to ensure things like repeat business and overall customer satisfaction since there are fewer touchpoints. This makes branded packaging even more important; you need to create a memorable experience within the touchpoints you have with the customer while also standing out from the competition.

Premium packaging has its effect on customers when it comes to repeat business. Your packaging is a part of your brand; it is how people will recognize you and eventually expect from you. Unboxing has become a desired experience, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a great look. 

Just because we’re looking at a better way to present your packaged product doesn’t mean you lose focus on the safety aspect when transporting products. There are a few types of packaging to choose from, such as:

  1. Roll end tab lock corrugated box
  2. Regular slotted corrugated boxes
  3. Roll end top corrugated boxes
  4. Shipping poly mailers

Along with the type of packaging, there are different types of filler and inserts to keep the order safe and add cushion when being shipped. 

Custom Print Packaging

The container is the most important part of eCommerce shipping, especially when used as a marketing tool. The design handles the overall feel, but you need to choose the right packaging in order to ship products efficiently. 

There is a range of packaging options to choose from depending on the product. Not everything needs a big box, and there is more than just one kind of box to choose from. 

The roll end tab lock corrugated box, also known as the mailer box, is the most well-known style and is durable yet easy to open, making the shipment safe and the unboxing pleasant. 

Regular slotted corrugated boxes are standard for shipping large and heavy items that may need extra protection when shipping.  

The roll end top corrugated boxes are similar to the roll end tab lock, but these boxes are a little bit bigger and perfect for things like clothing and electronic items. 

Shipping poly mailers fall under flexible packaging because they are precisely that, flexible. It’s not a structured box; it’s lightweight and durable, perfect for smaller items. 

While these are some of the most popular and universal, there are plenty of other styles that may be a better fit depending on the product or type of business. Overall, with Web-to-Print, it gives the ability to design boxes that fit their brand and product. The design and the style box go hand in hand when creating the experience; they just don’t work without each other. 


Stickers are an inexpensive way to brand within the smaller packaging details. Brand stickers can seal tissue paper in the box or as an alternative to brand the outside of your packages with your logo. 

Stickers can also be a great add-on to the order, an extra gift with purchase; since stickers are fairly cheap, including them in the package is another way to market your logo to customers. 

Packing tape

Like stickers, you can add your logo or a custom design to the packing tape to keep the box closed and secure during shipment. Adding design to the small details without compromising safety will add value to the packaging experience as a whole. 

How Web-to-Print can help create a custom print packaging experience

With the editing tools that W2P provides, creating and maintaining brand-consistent packaging products has become a more straightforward process. The convenience of Web-to-Print shines through with packaging as it allows for various colors, patterns, and texts to be uploaded to any style box, along with other packaging products. 

Package design software includes templates and easy uploads to the platform. Any personal messages or company logos can be added and saved to use again for later products. Web-to-Print allows for a better shopping experience by providing a way to browse and create without commitment. Being able to play around with ideas before deciding on the final look is one of the great features of Web-to-Print. 

Web-to-Print is what makes brand product packaging possible. Every idea and personalized packaging product mentioned previously is best created with Web-to-Print. Adding a mask or layering effect and including shapes or images in a template are made simple and establish a brand identity with consistent colors due to the design software Web-to-Print provides.   

Give them a 3D preview 

It can be hard to imagine what a physical product packaging would look like, with the different angles and dimensions. Having the option to view the packaging in 3D will ensure that the overall design will be perfect every time. The virtual prototype of the packaging acts as a final check before being printed. Any last-minute changes or decisions can be made with a piece of mind knowing exactly what it’ll look like in real life. 

Who doesn’t love fewer printing errors and better print accuracy? The 3D view gives the closest experience to how the actual packaging looks once printed. PrintNow’s 3D view also allows for a folding and unfolding feature that adds another view into how the packaging will look in every stage.

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