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Frequently asked questions, answered.

No, it is not. PrintNow has been developing 3D technology in our web-to-print solution since 2010 and working with the Arden nServer integration since 2017. The move to build our own 2D-to-3D print parametric CAD engine was to drive down costs and scale beyond Enterprise-only customers with one unified platform.

Yes, PrintNow offers a product development service to help add parametric standards to the CAD server. 

Yes, you have access to the source code template that defines the Dynamic Price Calculator and can customize it as your own. A custom price calculator template works out-of-the-box you can follow when making changes.

Some print packaging products often come in standard sizes, and you may choose to define default dimensions. Other print packaging products are better off as custom, so you may decide not to show any default dimensions. Some may use both. PrintNow allows you to define your setup uniquely by standard, so you control it the way you want it.

All end-users will have to checkout using the Reliable 3-Step Checkout with a valid account to receive an email with a PDF download link of the die line for offline editing. Also provided are instructions and a link to click when the artwork is final to upload the print-ready file. You can choose to offer the download free, or at a cost you define. Die lines are loaded and not downloaded for end-users opting for online design using the Print Editor.

By default, PrintNow includes non-print regions, masks, & dielines in the print-ready files generated by the PDF merge engine. You have the option to remove them from being included in your print-ready files.

When using the Print Pricing Engine in PrintNow “Unit Per Area Range” or “Square Unit Per Area Range” is used for print parametric jobs. We define area range tables and quantity breaks for unit pricing that can calculate area ranges differently. We worked with both paperboard and corrugated companies to determine the industry standards. Contact PrintNow for the details.

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