Pixabay considers themselves a vibrant community for creatives – both those who create the images on their platform, and those who use these images in their creative works. The Pixabayplatform offers a vast variety of images, illustrations, and videos, all of which are copyright free and released under the Pixabay License for use. This means that Pixabay is one of the largest resources for free stock, no attribution required, images on the internet.

If you have a need for stock photography, videos or artistic images, then you know firsthand how difficult it can be to find high quality images that meet your aesthetic expectations – especially if you’re working with a tight budget, or simply don’t want to pay the sometimes-exorbitant fees that some stock image platforms charge. Pixabay offers a solution.

Pixabay – A Quick Overview

  • Pixabay offers more than a million free pictures, images, and videos
  • All photographs, images, and videos on Pixabay can be used without attribution, including for commercial purposes
  • Pixabay adheres to a quality over quantity standard for their contributors
  • Pixabay employs a submissions metric that allows for a certain number of submissions by artists based on quality
  • Content acquired from Pixabay’s library can be used, modified, and distributed without additional permissions
  • Pixabayoffers a SafeSearch feature, making their platform a safe resource for images to be used in school projects or artistic endeavors by young creatives
  • Images can be uploaded to your website with no hotlinking required
  • Pixabay’s catalog of curated images and videos spans practically every topic, making them a top resource for a variety of stock needs
  • With nearly a decade in the stock image business, Pixabay has adapted to modern trends and understands exactly the type of content that today’s creatives are looking for


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