Our latest PrintNow integration with HP Site Flow will automate the orders from any Print Store
to pre-press and post-press.

If you require reliability and efficiencies of world-class automation, then this solution may be the right fit for you.

By combining PrintNow and HP Site Flow, you can easily handle hundreds to thousands of orders a day with end-to-end capabilities ideal for managing high quantities of low item counts.

At PrintNow, we deliver the most scalable web-to-print platform on the market today,” says Todd Gordner, PrintNow’s President. “Now, by integrating with HP Site Flow, we can offer HP customers with true front-to-back workflow & production automation.”

With this entire automated workflow, you can deploy multiple Print Stores to allow end-users to browse products, see pricing, design online, upload artwork, and pay. However, internally the jobs route automatically from PrintNow to HP Site Flow. It’s here that the jobs will be pre-flighted, imposed, and sent directly to the press. 

All modules within HP Site Flow are pre-integrated, so no heavy lifting is required for your IT team. In addition, when needing to relay information to upstream or downstream systems, HP Site Flow provides reliable instructions passed throughout the production process by providing templated based instructions or simple scannable barcodes.

The key benefit of utilizing the HP Site Flow connect module in PrintNow (other than it’s available in our growth & enterprise plans) is reliability. HP Site Flow provides customers with faster production, processing, and delivery time. 

Configure any Print Store in PrintNow with your credentials, and you’re off to the races. Orders are submitted behind the scenes using a predefined JSON structure that includes destination, orderData, items, components, & shipments. 

HP Site Flow allows fully automated pre-press, two-way communication, ensuring managed data between the two systems. This combined solution increases production, lowers the opportunity for human error, and reduces time to get orders to your customers.

The Benefits

  • Transfer orders into production automatically based on trigger
  • Incoming orders are organized based on product and specifications
  • Like items are grouped into larger jobs based on batch rules
  • Optimize every aspect of your pre-press workflow
  • Unlock further cost savings through smart impositions
  • Barcodes are added to reduce errors and provide accurate tracking
  • Make your scheduling dynamic, intelligent, and automated
  • Complete line-of-sight of order status and activity
  • Build your own “print network” to support outsourcing
  • Save time, labor hours, and money

PrintNow is committed to developing our relationship with HP further and supporting this partner integration for our valued customers. 

 Increase profits by growing, optimizing, and controlling your print shop from pre-press to post-press. Gain the reliability and redundancy of cloud computing with End-to-end workflow & production automation..

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