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Web-to-Print Software Company

Our Mission

There’s this opinion that to grow in business, you have to be relentless. But we realize there’s a more beneficial way to grow. Where what’s better for the bottom line is also better for customers. We believe businesses can grow with core values and win with a soul — and that you can do with PrintNow. That’s why we’ve created a web-to-print platform uniting both software and services to help print-related businesses grow every day.

Our Story

As a seasoned print specialist with a career in graphics and printing expanding into the early 2000s, Todd Gordner noticed a shift in the way people purchased print. Consumers were using the internet to compare prices, and they became more loyal to the bottom line price than to their local suppliers at that time.

From this shift, a company was born: PrintNow. The term to describe what we do was commonly referred to as (Web-to-print, Web2Print, W2P), the movement to manage the entire print ordering process online.

Today, the web-to-print movement continues to empower print businesses around the world to grow and to help the end consumers receive the very best print commerce experiences.

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Todd Gordner and John Hamilton formed a software company called ProLogic Inc.
Releases PDFpro form-based editor and print store platform to the printing industry.
Released Online Editor as a Flash application aimed at the B2C online design market.
Under full ownership, Todd Gordner changed the company's name to PrintNow Technologies Inc.
Released PrintNow's PDF print-ready merge engine to replace a costly licensed solution.
Released Online editor as a Flex application to combine B2B and B2C capabilities all-in-one.
Released 3D viewer to provide print packaging companies a unique way to sell their products.
web to print storefront software
Released a new Print Store platform that was highly attractive, responsive, and customizable.
Released Adobe Indesign IDML support for instant template importing into PrintNow.
html5 web to print editor
Released PrintNow's HTML5 Online Editor to replace flash-based technology completely.
Replaced .NET back-end with multi-store Unified Admin tools built with Angular framework.
Ongoing core development of PrintNow's fully integrated web-to-print platform for our customers.
Released a 2D-3D Print Parametric engine to grow print packaging products and workflows.
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Automated SaaS free trial solution for customers and partners to review web-to-print platform.

Our W2P Platform

The PrintNow W2P platform makes it easy to get started — from development, to online sales, to print automation. 

Print Store

Our print commerce solution has everything you need to run profitable multi Stores that can increase your customers and grow your online sales.

Print Editor

Our Print Editor software is a full suite of tools to boost online sales, shorten your offline time, and make the process more automated with templates.

Print Parametric

Leading CAD-to-Print technology providing endless possibilities for you and your custom print packaging business. 

Print Automate

Enfocus Switch module that takes automation to a new level by integrating PrintNow directly with your pre-press workflows.

Unified Admin

Our W2P software solution makes it easy to grow brands, help you and your customers succeed, and help your administrators work efficiently.

Apps & Integrations

Extend the power of our W2P platform with our partner integrations. Create custom apps; you can customize PrintNow to fit your business.

Enterprise API's

The Enterprise REST API can expose many of the workflows in PrintNow, allowing you to produce custom 3rd party integrations and extend automation.

PrintNow Services

PrintNow offers three types of services⁠—They’re all customizable to fit your business’ goals, so we can help you grow better in whatever way works for you.

A better way to help grow print for you.

Print Service Providers
We help Print Providers of all sizes to get the most out of our all-in-one W2P platform. Add all your core print products online and grow your print sales with PrintNow.
Print Packaging Providers
We create multiple ways to add 3D interactive packaging design technology to your sites in a fast & affordable way that helps to scale your online sales across all customers.
Marketing Agencies
Create branded print stores for you or clients that enables end users to easily customize online print orders. Expand your printer base and service offerings.
Print Resellers
The middleman between customers and print manufacturers working with top trade printers. Manage your own W2P solution and grow your partner network.
Trade Print Providers
Trade Printers who sell to design & marketing firms, ad agencies, and print brokers can offer seamless wholesale printing services tied back to your printing service.
Print Franchises
Streamline your franchisee customers order process with the most sophisticated Web-to-Print engine, user interface, and personalization tools in the market.
Retail & B2B All-In-One
PrintNow provides you with powerful & scalable tools to manage both B2C and B2B client portals under one unified Web-to-Print platform.
Online Print Solutions
Customers from around the world can quickly and easily order all types of print products on their desktops or mobile devices using PrintNow’s online print solution.

Todd Gordner

CEO and Founder of PrintNow

" To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe. "