A Look into the World of Wall Art

Memories are like timeless treasures. Designs are one of a kind. Thanks to today's technology, we capture and create thousands of images that deserve to be displayed. This revolution led to immense growth in the printing industry in relation to larger wall art prints.

 Wall art is versatile in the areas that it can be used, which means it appeals to a range of customers. Decor is a big way for people to share their personal aesthetics within a space (indoor and outdoor), and personalized larger prints are becoming a main focus. From a living room to an office conference room and everything in between, there is a piece of wall art that will fit any setting. 

There are a few different materials to choose from when it comes to creating a piece of wall art. When you think of wall art, canvas and framed photos might come to mind, but the list doesn’t stop there. Metal, wood, paper, and vinyl are some examples of other materials that can be used for wall art that have a different function and feel to it. Customers are able to create signs, murals, and pieces of art when combining wall art and web to print.  

Wall art is a great creative way to showcase or advertise on a larger scale. But when working with larger prints, any errors can be costly, so you want to ensure the best every time. Web to Print helps your business fill the gap of creating and affordably producing excellent wall prints. 

Picture this: Your customer is able to fill their business, office, home, etc. with framed prints, canvases, or maybe a giant mural of their own design. They have picked the image, material, and details and are presented with a beautiful product that changes their space for the better. 

Offering customers an easy yet distinctive way to create large personalized prints is a great way to separate your business from the competition. Being able to take a photo or design and turn it into a large print of any size opens the possibilities of what customers can accomplish with web-to-print technologies. Customers can be picky with what they are looking for since they are in control of the look of the end product. They will get that perfect piece of wall art that fits their style or aesthetic best every time. 

And while customization is not a new concept. It has become necessary for brands of all sizes to attract customers and increase engagement. The goal is to obtain a multitude of loyal customers, but as more eCommerce sites pop up, there are too many options for a small audience. You want your brand to stand out within its competitive market, which is not easy to do but still very possible. 

It all comes down to user experience, and the more control they have while working on their products, the better it is. You want to offer the right design tools for them to use. Once they’ve created the wall art to their liking, all you have to do is provide them with a quality-made product. We are here to help you give the best design tools to your customers that are easy to navigate and help create beautiful wall art pieces in minutes.

Printing Methods

Printing is a critical part of your business. You want to make sure your customers receive their orders exactly how they imagined them. Whether you print in-house or outsource your orders, there are a few different print options depending on the material being used. For example, canvas prints are done digitally on the fabric, also referred to as mounting. With wood prints, you can print directly onto the wood or print the image on fine art paper separately, then mount it onto the wood piece.

The same options apply to metal prints, but if you were to print directly to the metal, the ink would be fused with the aluminum, adding texture to the Print. If you chose an acrylic photo mounting, the photo would be printed onto the photo paper and then placed underneath a layer of plexiglass. Similar to metal prints, if you choose to print directly on acrylic, the ink will fuse with the material and then be cured with UV technology. 

For framed wall art, you can upload the mats and frames you have to offer with all the correct measurements in the Admin. The customer can create their framed pieces with the information and materials you provide, ensuring accuracy with every product. By uploading pictures of the frames and mats you offer, they can then visually create and edit their product with a 3D model. Overall, they can get a feel for the dimensions and look of the finished product before being purchased.


The importance of marketing is very well known. Regardless of the size of your company, you want to market it to the right audience to increase business constantly. But, there is a struggle in marketing within a category full of competition, so you want to make sure you have the right methods. 

Whether wall art is your entire focus or only a part of your business, you need to optimize your site for SEO. Getting your site at the top of customers’ search results will help you beat the competition. Having great content is another excellent marketing tool that connects with SEO. You want people to explore your site and products while gathering more information. We have more marketing tips listed in a previous blog post that you can find here as well as a post on how to properly measure the success of your site that you can find here.

No matter the competition, customers will gravitate towards your business with the right tools and a great quality product. When growing your business, a loyal customer is important in driving sales with both repeat business and recommendations to new customers. Provide them with easy-to-use editing tools and seamless checkouts to add to their satisfaction of creating and receiving an order from you

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